Childcare Services

If you own a child or day care organization, Great Brook Academy can provide consultation services to help you meet State regulations and keep you and your staff in compliance.  Great Brook knows that most of your time is spent running your business.  Most owners/managers don’t have the time that is required to organize, and manage the health and safety education and evacuation planning that is required.  Let the professionals are Great Brook Academy help you address those issues and keep your business in compliance, and ultimately keep your kids and staff safe.  Great Brook Academy can offer you services in the following:


CPR/AED certification – Our nationally accredited programs will provide education and certification in all levels of cardio pulmonary resuscitation and the use of AEDs.  Our consultants will meet with you and personalize our program in order to teach your staff on the specific AEDs and equipment that you utilize on site.

First Aid certification – Our first aid training programs are nationally accredited.  Our consultants will work with you and your staff to discover what first aid equipment you have on site and train your staff on that equipment.  Our courses focus on the childhood illnesses and injuries that your facility is most likely to see or treat.

Blood borne pathogens certification – Our blood borne pathogen  courses are designed to meet federal and state guidelines to teach staff on how to preventing disease transmission.  This training can be provided in person at your facility or can be completed online as a refresher program.  This gives you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to meeting the busy schedules of your staff and meeting training regulations.

Emergency mitigation and evacuation planning – Great Brook Academy consultants can work with you to outline and develop a comprehensive emergency hazards mitigation and evacuation plan that meets state requirements.  We will meet with you on site, review over the facility, discuss options on how to best meet safety guidelines, and fully develop the plan with you.  At the conclusion you will receive a completed plan that you can keep on site and submit to the state to have on file.  As an owner or manager of a child/day care facility, your specialty is in working with and educating the children who you work with.  Most managers don’t have the experience or expertise to develop these comprehensive plans.  That is where Great Brook Academy can help.

Customization in health and safety staff training – Do you have specific concerns or issues that your facility deals with and need training or education on?  Great Brook Academy educators have years of experience in the field of health and safety and pediatric emergencies.  Let our consultants meet with you and your staff to develop a training program or any length or size in order to provide your staff with the knowledge and confidence to face those situations or issues.


Your agency will be provided with documentation of trainings that can be kept on file.  This documentation can be used to show compliance with federal and state requirements and guidelines.